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New World Order b​/​w Soledad

by William Parker Ensembles featuring Leena Conquest

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Darkness no longer, a child is born Mother sheds tears of joy as baby tests his lungs My daddy's not there where he ought to be Somewhere in Georgia, skinning and shooting craps on his knees Another victim born out here in the hood And based on statistics it really ain't all good Sister Mary don't you weep, tell Martha not to moan It's a new day A new world order, a brand new day A change of mind for the human race A new world order, a brand new day A change of mind for the human race Sister Mary don't you weep, tell Martha not to moan we need the love and daddy's coming home We who are merciful might see there's still light in the world come rejoice with me Rejoice with me Let us teach the children that freedom has never been free It's a brand new day It's a new day It's a brand new day A new world order, a brand new day A change of mind for the human race You must be merciful my friend to attain the same So if you break the chain don't pass the blame We who are pure at heart somehow might see there is still light in the world come rejoice with me -Curtis Mayfield ( … and a beautiful coda by the children's choir … )
Soledad 09:57
Logs water soaked in the stream of conviction Logs water soaked in the stream of conviction emergency! emergency! of music muses Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Fort Worth in these towns everyone was around gathered in cold basements shacks or barns with only the holy ghost to keep them warm Logs water soaked in the stream of conviction Risky business training sound warriors too many to name there is no fame in this game a saint could be a sinner a sinner could be a saint Sometimes we have to leave religion alone just speak to God speak to God How you gonna make the logs burn when there is no compassion? How you gonna make the logs burn when there is no compassion? Revenge has never been a friend not since I've been in An eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth Is a formula for eternal war Revolution evolution from the inside out evolution from the inside out Love dances all over the world Joy stops war immediately I know, I was there from the beginning I'll be there in the end Who will be the first to carry flowers to the street of no return Who will be the first to sing in their own voice and tap those rhythms out in their own way Now, don't all get up at once I'll wait for you I'll wait for you Say something sometime Say something sometime bird is poem in sky yesterday won't be long today is gone tomorrow is born tomorrow is born -William Parker



A Vital Single Release!

This is William Parker's first single in almost 50 years of creating profound Music & close to 100 Albums as a leader or co-leader.

These two tracks are performed by a pair of William Parker Ensembles featuring singer Leena Conquest.

"What has become increasingly apparent in recent years is William Parker’s stature as a visionary of sound and song – an artist of melody and poetry who works beyond category, to use the Ellingtonian phrase." That line was written for Parker’s forthcoming – and all new – 10CD box set, due in January 2021. This digital single presents a pair of earlier examples.

"New World Order"
The original composition by Curtis Mayfield and William Parker’s re-creation/re-arrangement of it are both timeless, and there certainly is no better time than Now! for this music & its message to be heard. The phrase ‘New World Order’ has been used often over the last 100 years by various nation-leading men of great power seeking more of the same. More misery for the multitudes has been the result every time. The very different vision presented anew herein was among the great soul composer’s final works. It was featured as the title track of Mayfield's final album, with his vocals painstakingly recorded one line at a time – “you must be merciful my friend, to attain the same.”

Parker’s vital re-arrangement of “New World Order” was presented at the premier performance of his illuminated Inside Songs of Curtis Mayfield project [ Banlieues Bleues Festival, March 2001]. Piano, bass, drums, balafon & the incomparable voice of Leena Conquest together with a chorus of 90 children from the banlieues ("suburbs") of Paris, where many immigrant families resided then and now.

This track is part of the essential compendium, 'I Plan To Stay A Believer' :


Because every single needs a B-side (even in digital format!) we decided to go double A on this one.

Also a timeless composition (by William Parker) & performance thereof (by his Raining On The Moon Quintet). William Parker / Hamid Drake / Rob Brown / Lewis Barnes / Eri Yamamoto and singing the enlightened lyrics once again, Ms. Leena Conquest.

This track features on the masterwork album, 'Corn Meal Dance' :

And it is dedicated to George Jackson :


released October 9, 2020


all rights reserved



William Parker New York, New York

is a bassist–improvisor–composer–bandleader–griot–shaman–community leader.
He performs beautifully & powerfully on numerous additional instruments as well.

Featured here are the premier works produced for both AUM Fidelity & his own Centering Records imprint.

portrait by
Jimmy Katz
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